Permission Granted

from by PC Walker

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This piece was written to be performed at a Worship Conference primarily for worship leaders.

When we find ourselves in a leadership position, it is easy to get locked down in our position and lose our passions.

I wanted to help remove some of the blockage many in ministry leadership find becoming walls in the way of their wide open worship.


You have been granted permission to worship
worship as if God actually hears you
worship as if your thoughts are words to God

Worship as if the sky were a funnel
to filter only your words to His ears

Worship as if your hang-ups and failures
are forgotten

Worship as if your heart is an enormous
marching drum only God can hear
and only you have the mallets for

Worship like your paycheck
did not depend on it but
your life did

because it does

Worship like your supervisor was not here
watching you

Worship like you have never heard this song before
worship like you have heard this song a million times

Worship like this were the last moment
you might be given
like the spot you stand
will never be the same again

Worship like you are standing
on the world's rooftop with reflections
every human ear will hear about your God

Worship like this room is frozen and darker
than solid black and the only warmth
is your song; the only light
your hands.

Worship like I just chewed up and swallowed the words
volume, service flow, programming, announcement time, and
"Hey, I like how you lead, I do, but I just don't like when you..."

Right now your past and All your means
of measuring your worth
withers before an eternal God
None of it is even a memory
it is mist

Your mind-blowing worship set...

Your horribly disconnected worship set...

How is your practice time going

How many band members do you have in rotation

How many years have you been doing this

All those things that are holding you back right now
your inbox, comment cards, your paycheck
and your yearly evaluation

Your people's preferences, fears, and perceptions
their praises, complaints, and ambiguities

All of your failure, inadequacy, your doubt
your anxiety, fears, and worries
Mist mist mist

Quit inviting walls into your
wide open worship
You have been granted permission

So worship as if you were each given a headset with God's voice
on an infinite repeat

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love You


from Won't Stop Calling My Name - EP, released March 1, 2012




PC Walker Sacramento, California

Speaker.Writer.Pastor.Spoken Word Poet.

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